Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Waterproof Gripper

In a previous post, I described the manufacture of a waterproof electronics container.  Since then, I learned how to waterproof a hobby servo and connected it to the electronics module.  So, I now have a functional underwater manipulator.

Methods for making the servo waterproof have been well described in youtube videos such as and  Basically the servo is disassembled, the innards are filled with a low dielectric grease (Corrosion Block Grease 16OZ TB), the servo is reassembled, and then it is dipped in plastic-dip (Performix 12213 Plasti Dip Black - 22 oz. Dip Can) to form a plastic barrier.  Finally, an o-ring is sandwiched between the servo spline and the servo hub to seal the pivoting location.

The pictures below show closeups of the apparatus.  The servo gripper is the Standard Gripper Kit B from ServoCity.

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